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Let's Unite For Safe Care

Jul 02, 2020

COVID-19 is impacting nearly every aspect of how we care for ourselves and others. It is also revealing areas that have needed public attention for some time.

Most medical professionals understand that the delivery of medical care is not as safe as we know it should and can be. However, a recent poll shows that the general public falsely believes that the intention to deliver quality medical care equates to harm-free care. Sadly, families like ours know this is not the case. It is easy to find evidence that when we collectively prioritize the safe delivery of medical care, errors decrease and harm is reduced as a result. Let's unite for safe care, which includes addressing disparities that leave vulnerable populations at higher risk.

This YouTube channel is dedicated to raising awareness.

Take action to join me in prioritizing the safe delivery of medical care.

Your exercise miles in motion can help raise funds to ensure the safe delivery of medical care.

Godzilla and Our Big Bad Wolf

Jun 27, 2020

What I proclaimed as rain coming was in fact the Sahara dust cloud sweeping through Oklahoma; many are calling it Godzilla. Sometimes what we know to be true - just isn't. Sometimes something so massively impactful is hidden in plain sight and we innocently deny it. At 10th Dot, we attribute this tendency to our Big Bad Wolf, who is also our greatest teacher.

On July 1st, I'll launch an eleven-week Zoom series discussing Yogiraj's second book, Pigs Eat Wolves; Going into partnership with your dark side. In these times of angst for so many, it can be helpful to clearly identify our Big Bad Wolf. Our wolf helps us WAIIT, ask Where Am I In This? WAIIT helps identify underlying agendas, which can complicate things while we are navigating life's challenges.

Want to meet your Big Bad Wolf? Want to learn to love yourself unconditionally? Join me for eleven calls to explore your dark side. There is no fee for the weekly zoom calls. Register here.

The online training has 35 lessons and can be purchased here.


Over 90 Miles Walked of 108

Jun 23, 2020

This is week ten on my Zigzag for Zero from SoCal to Capitol Hill. I've walked over 90 miles and driven just under 3,000 miles. I'm getting the hang of working while in a constant state of orientation. I'm not quite as adept at taking breaks. And, I'm struggling a bit to keep up with the interview editing; a few will be added this week.

Today, I moderated a great discussion about end-of-life care planning. The panelists were excellent. You may want to watch the recording if you want inspiration to chat with your loved ones or medical practitioner on the topic. 

If you walk, run, or bike, will you dedicate your miles to the #uniteforsafecare campaign? You can do so here. Or, you might just want to sponsor my charity miles walk.  

Finally, if you get to the end of this four-minute vlog post, you'll meet the goose that adopted my mother; pretty wild.


Memories of Yogiraj watching dusk in Oklahoma

Jun 16, 2020

Most of this recording is the sky glow and chattering critters at dusk. If a pause is in order, you may wish to skip past my two minutes of reflection.

Fixing what WE can

Jun 15, 2020

I've zigzagged from Colorado to Oklahoma. Here, from the room my parents dedicated to Yogiraj, it occurs to me that in these dramatic times people are rising up to fix what WE know has effective solutions. By WE, I mean millions of people banding for a globe that seeks every person's sacred right to be safe from oppression.

I've been wowed by the swift progress being made to address systemic racism these last few weeks. And I recognize that it's because people have been brainstorming and testing solutions for decades. Organized dismantling of norms that should never have been formed is difficult work, whether it is taking place for a city, a school, a precinct, a hospital, or otherwise. This is a time of fixing what we know has solutions. 

Today, I added another interview to the Zigzag For Zero YouTube channel. Ken Thai addresses the role pharmacists have in delivering safe medical care. If you have ever filled a prescription, this is relevant to you and your safety. Take a look

Want to form a WE. Take a look at our online program, We Can Relate

Finding my own wildness while looking for wildlife in the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Jun 11, 2020

The Zigzag for Zero brought me to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado for a couple of days. As I looked outside for wildlife it became clear that part of what many people are grappling with right now is our fixation to tame our sometimes wild (and I think wonderful) inner nature. There are many things we miss because we too often try to restrict our own nature, or that of another person. No good comes from the oppression of ourselves or others.

Zigzagging from Albuquerque to Denver and weaving the threads of public safety

Jun 07, 2020

This week I'm connecting with a philosopher, physician, pharmacist, parent, and master in creativity. This eclectic mix of people brings to mind the great benefit of hearing from multiple perspectives. During this uprising of conscience awareness with regard to systemic oppression, I'm especially interested in the question of how we support public safety for ALL, in any environment. Whether we're looking at the delivery of community care, medical care, or transportation, there are common threads that increase safety. Stay tuned as I explore that with my guests this week. 

Zigzagging through the red rocks

Jun 06, 2020

Today, I returned to the red rocks of Sedona (AZ) and reflected upon the trip Yogiraj and I took there several years ago. It was sooooooo good. 

Traveling solo is great, but I admit to a degree of extra caution without beloved Yogiraj by my side. In both scenarios though, it's interesting to consider an actual verses perceived danger. 

Home stretch - dedicated to my daily inspiration, Yogiraj Charles Bates

May 31, 2020

Today, Dr. David Mayer and several of us who walked with him for all or part of 129 miles to every training ballpark around Pheonix, crossed home plate at Sloan Park, home of the Cubs. Check out this TV news coverage. You'll see me waving by. 

Like millions of people, I wake up, daystream, go to sleep, and nightdream about creating systemic change so that all life may thrive. The beloved Yogiraj Charles Bates did so too. And, he helped train hundreds of people to do so effectively.

As his wife, I had the honor of watching his dedication and skill every day for years. His family and loved ones also reaped the fruits of his passion that heralded lives and love with wisdom and competence. I ask for his guidance from beyond every day and am never disappointed. My last miles for this walk are dedicated to Yogiraj and our 'WE' (we cared for and named our relationship as an entity called WE), which continues to serve a world that benefits all with equity. If you want the skills of a master here are two online programs he created that may serve you. We Can Relate and Pigs Eat Wolves: Going into partnership with your dark side



What systems are safe for all?

May 30, 2020

Walking several miles to raise awareness about medical safety is helping me process the latest evidence of systemic racism - the excruciating death of Mr. George Floyd. I've been looking for models that have created systems that are safe for all. If you have some to point to, please pass them along. 

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