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Care, Safety, Surprises, and Roto-Rooter

Aug 07, 2020

The last few days took an unanticipated turn. Thank goodness for professionals who stay current on safety practices in their fields. A special thanks to Roto-Rooter and people who know when to call in the experts. 

Invitation to Introduce Yogiraj Charles Bates

Jul 30, 2020

I ask people I'm interviewing about the life of Yogiraj Charles Bates three questions:

1. What's a favorite memory you have of Yogiraj?

2. Before Yogiraj died in 2012, did you know that medical errors contribute to harm and death? 

3. At your next medical appointment, whether you are a clinician, patient, or care supporter, can you imagine saying something like this (in your own words):

I'm committed to uniting with you to make this medical care safe. Please let me know what I can do to help us prioritize safety.

Here are several links to give you ideas on how to ensure that prioritizing the safe delivery of medical care impacts patients, clinicians, and the loved ones of everyone. 



Grey's Anatomy Inspiration On My 5mi Walk

Jul 29, 2020

These long walks of 5-8 miles each day have an added benefit of igniting new ideas. Today, I imagined engaging writers and actors on popular hospital and clinic television shows to host the upcoming Unite For Safe Care virtual event. It would be a great PSA from entertainers about the importance of understanding the 'real-life' issues related to delivering, receiving, and supporting safe medical care. Does anyone know these influencers? Shoot me an email if you do, please. Vv@10thdot.com

Also, there are now over 460 people walking to #uniteforsafecare. Check out this Washington Post article published today.  


11 miles to #uniteforsafecare

Jul 19, 2020

Inspired by Dr. David Mayer, who is walking across the United States to every professional baseball field, I took an 11-mile walk through Minneapolis. Did you know there are over 40 miles of connected parkways from Minneapolis to St. Paul, MN? This is just one reason I love this city. The people are my primary reason! I am looking forward to introducing several to you.

While I'm on this leg of the Zigzag For Zero, I'll be conducting several interviews, including family members who will speak to their experiences with Yogiraj. Stay tuned. 

Want to make my miles count for safe care? Your pledge would mean a lot!


Walking Through Minneapolis

Jul 17, 2020

While preparing for a longer walk, it's great to get out for five or so miles nearly every day. In the city of Minneapolis, along the miles of green space, I find myself at home. Though this is not the city of my birth, it is the place that sparked my creativity as an adult. Today, I am out on a walk with beloved Theodore Charles Bates III, who is Yogiraj's beloved middle son. 


Safety Confession Part Two

Jul 17, 2020

Being honest about errors is not easy. And, it is a critically important skill to prevent the repetition of errors. So, modeling this myself is a high priority. This follows up on my confession posted here on the vlog two days ago.

Safety Confession

Jul 15, 2020

My zigzag from Oklahoma through Missouri, Iowa, and to Minnesota was a much longer trip than anticipated. The last forty-five minutes was less than safe, due to my fatigue. In this vlog, I acknowledge how this is akin to delivering safe care for others. Will you join me in uniting for safe care? Start by making a course-correcting plan when you know you've been less than safe in a responsibility.

Learn more here: https://patientsafetymovement.org/unite-for-safe-care/home/


Zigzagging from Oklahoma to Missouri

Jul 11, 2020

Goodbye cows. Goodbye family members of origin and my birth state. 

Thank you, to all who sat down for interviews with me. I learned about Oklahoma's healthcare and insurance. Check out one of the interviews here

And, my nieces showed me a gosh-darned great time!  One of them also granted me an interview. I'm editing a very sweet conversation about crushes. ;-)


Let's Unite For Safe Care

Jul 02, 2020

COVID-19 is impacting nearly every aspect of how we care for ourselves and others. It is also revealing areas that have needed public attention for some time.

Most medical professionals understand that the delivery of medical care is not as safe as we know it should and can be. However, a recent poll shows that the general public falsely believes that the intention to deliver quality medical care equates to harm-free care. Sadly, families like ours know this is not the case. It is easy to find evidence that when we collectively prioritize the safe delivery of medical care, errors decrease and harm is reduced as a result. Let's unite for safe care, which includes addressing disparities that leave vulnerable populations at higher risk.

This YouTube channel is dedicated to raising awareness.

Take action to join me in prioritizing the safe delivery of medical care.

Your exercise miles in motion can help raise funds to ensure the safe delivery of medical care.

Godzilla and Our Big Bad Wolf

Jun 27, 2020

What I proclaimed as rain coming was in fact the Sahara dust cloud sweeping through Oklahoma; many are calling it Godzilla. Sometimes what we know to be true - just isn't. Sometimes something so massively impactful is hidden in plain sight and we innocently deny it. At 10th Dot, we attribute this tendency to our Big Bad Wolf, who is also our greatest teacher.

On July 1st, I'll launch an eleven-week Zoom series discussing Yogiraj's second book, Pigs Eat Wolves; Going into partnership with your dark side. In these times of angst for so many, it can be helpful to clearly identify our Big Bad Wolf. Our wolf helps us WAIIT, ask Where Am I In This? WAIIT helps identify underlying agendas, which can complicate things while we are navigating life's challenges.

Want to meet your Big Bad Wolf? Want to learn to love yourself unconditionally? Join me for eleven calls to explore your dark side. There is no fee for the weekly zoom calls. Register here.

The online training has 35 lessons and can be purchased here.


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