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Coming To Our Senses

Mar 25, 2020

Several sources are indicating that a potential symptom of carrying the Covid-19 virus is a lack of taste or smell. How aware are you of your senses? Would you notice if you lost your sense of smell or taste? In this Shift the Dash episode, Vonda discusses the importance of coming to your senses. 



Co-Video40 Day Two

Mar 24, 2020

Today's Co-Video40 focused on:
1) Getting acquainted with your new work environment
2) Digesting information
3) Setting a pace that works with all that is new

What's on your mind? What would you like me to cover in future Zooms?

Fun From A Distance

Mar 19, 2020

From birthday parties online to playing hide and seek: here are a few ways to create community from a distance.

Shout out to Julian for his 10th Birthday. Can't wait to party with you.

Announcing Co-Video40

Mar 18, 2020

These are wild days and if you want some help getting up to speed on video engagement via conferences or providing online training, I'll be launching help in the coming days. For now, just let us know you are interested. Learn more on the video post and here - in the letter to Covid-19.


Honored to Be Published in HealthManagement.org

Mar 17, 2020

It was a joy writing an article on the Culture of Safety with Martie Moore, MAOM, RN, CPHQ. Her wisdom in this field is awe-inspiring.

And, I hope that I have honored the originator of the Trust Pyramid, Howard Jackson, appropriately. We use a modified version Yogiraj Charles Bates created in nearly every training and consulting project.

Here's to creating Cultures of Safety in health care and every industry.

Thanks to HealthManagement.org for affording me the opportunity to publish; it was a great process Maria Maglyovanna. And, thanks to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and David Kodama for the recommendation.



What We Choose To Prioritize

Mar 14, 2020

Why do we prioritize some issues and not other issues; Covid-19 for example? People use numbers to alarm and call attention to issues. But, do numbers really motivate us? 

Benefiting from Disappointment

Mar 13, 2020

How are you handling major changes in your schedules? Are you unexpectedly handling cancellations and postponements? Recently, I had the opportunity to experience a significant disappointment. Yes, I do see it as an opportunity. 

Our tool WAIIT (Where Am I In This) expedited my recovery from an unpleasant surprise. Here's a brief explanation of what I did and how I feel now. 



How I'm Preparing To Road Trip Across USA Amid Covid-19

Mar 12, 2020

Thanks for the kind messages about staying safe as I travel across the USA over the next several months. I am taking healthy precautions for others and myself. In case it's of interest, here are a few things I'm doing. xoxoVv

What Does Great Partnering Look Like On Behalf of Patient Safety?

Mar 11, 2020

The Covid-19 Virus has instigated a lot of uncertainty. As you decide what is best for you, it is also a good time to consider how to simultaneously partner on behalf of safe medical care for everyone.

Pigs Eat Wolves Online Course is officially online and available now!

Mar 01, 2020

I am so thrilled to add this course to our library. Yogiraj Charles Bates poured his heart and soul into this work and it is evident in the masterful curriculum. Please join us for what promises to be an informative and mind-bending course that will change how you lead and follow. 

Check It Out


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