Dear COVID-19,

Meet CO-VIDEO 4 0. We're a movement shifting from fear to fierce action. We nimbly dash forward, step back, and stride in sync depending on the needs of any given situation. 

We shift the dash by staying put when we can, showing up for each other with our best intentions + actions + inactions, helping each other thrive in uncertain times, and creating learning cultures to promote public safety. 

We co-create via video online.

We're a new community, dashing to be resourceful under pressure, mindfully creating learning cultures while sharing valuable knowledge expediently and broadly.

We work safely. We teach safely. We help safely. We care safely. 

We are dashing 4 zero preventable harm - everywhere. 

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CO-VIDEO 4 0 will first focus on preparing members to build confidence and skills producing videos and facilitating online meetings and trainings, so your co-endeavors safely support your service to community.

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