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What is 10th Dot?
10th Dot is a for-benefit organization serving individuals and organizations by providing collaboration tools, workshops, books, coaching, consulting and events created from a fusion of western and eastern developmental theories.

Our methodologies, products, and services stir our client’s imaginations and help them gain momentum toward their goals. Your progress will be measurable.

CEO and Sr. Consultant, Vonda Vaden Bates, trains clients to use 10th Dot's multidisciplinary approach, which has influenced major market shifts in television, retail, banking, technology, education, and healthcare.

What is the purpose of 10th Dot?
The 10th Dot experience is that place where you stop trying to know what’s next and get excited by what you are about to learn. It describes a moment you might have experienced before, a moment when you suspect that your “typical patterns” no longer serve you.

Our logo depicts this revelatory experience by emphasizing the red dot boldly sitting outside the 9-dot box, where our thinking ordinarily occurs.
To paraphrase Carl Jung, "What was true in the yesterdays of our life will cease to serve us today, and in our tomorrows will have become a lie."

We want to help you explore the typical questions you ask yourself and expand the myriad of possibilities you see for yourself. By practicing the proven 10th Dot approaches, thinking outside the box becomes easier whether you are on a solo journey, or embarking upon a joint effort.

How can you benefit from 10th Dot?

10th Dot offers private, group and organizational consultation. There are literally several dozen options we pull from the 10th Dot’s bottomless bag of tools and resources after we learn about a client's aspirations. If we feel there is a good fit, we’ll propose a collaborative approach with 10th Dot that supports who you are, where you want to go, and how you want to achieve your aims. Contact us for further inquiries.

10th Dot serves as a learning field founded upon and enriched by the model example of Yogiraj Charles Bates (1942-2012). His groundbreaking methodologies and models are used by 10th Dot to prepare leaders of the 21st Century to FutureProof themselves and their organizations. His first book, Ransoming the Mind: The Integration of Yoga and Modern Therapy introduced a revolutionary approach to the use of yoga in institutional psychiatric interventions and drug addiction. His second book, Pigs Eat Wolves: Going into Partnership with Your Dark Side, brought him invitations to work at the highest executive levels in the communications, banking and sustainability industries. His effectiveness was paramount for his clients and his legacy is carried out by thousands whose lives continue to be enriched by his map-making of the human and organizational journey.


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