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If you could, would you walk 125 miles in 10 days?

May 25, 2020

People are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that everyone who delivers, receives and supports medical care can do so safely. I joined Dr. David Mayer, his wife Cathy, and two more safety awareness advocates (Lisa and Barbara) for a walk from the American Family Fields to Peoria stadiums in Pheonix, AZ. Dave and several others are walking 125 miles over ten days, raising donations and awareness to support everyone influencing and influenced by medical care. My pals Marty and Tracy are walking in Chicago and on Peletrons. I could go on!

May every person's mile lead us closer to zero preventable medical harm - which helps absolutely everyone!

Do you walk, bike or run? You can make your miles matter for medical safety here. 

Check out the press about Dave's Epic Walk

This Symbol Keeps Me Focused

May 21, 2020

As I zigzag across the U.S.A., this House of Representatives gallery pass keeps my purpose for doing so in my line of sight. What I hear from people I interview and the people hosting me along the way will inform what I say to congressional leaders in September. 

What is most important to you as recipients, deliverers, and supporters of medical care? 

Pheonix Bound Next

May 20, 2020

New plan! New needs! Thank goodness for my current capacity to go with the flow easily. I will now head toward Denver via Pheonix rather than Salt Lake City, thanks to dear friends willing to host me in an environment where I can isolate. Go team Zigzag! Follow my Zigzag by clicking on the picture below:

I Count For Safe Medical Care. You Can Count Too. Donate $1 for every person you know who has experienced medical harm and/or is prioritizing medical safety.



Why I Am Masking When Others Are Not

May 16, 2020

A visit to one of my favorite Farmers Markets illuminated how much variation there is regarding COVID-19 precautions. I'm genuinely interested in the various perspectives and will begin seeking a way to add a comments section for this Vlog. 


Zigzag Through Temecula

May 12, 2020

The upside of residing with wheels not walls is flexibility. An urgent matter came up that has me zigzagging back through Temecula. It's lovely here. I'll try to get another view at dawn from the Deluz mountains. It's a gorgeous scene each morning. 

This week, I am conducting several interviews and look forward to posting them to the YouTube channel ASAP. Here's that link. 



Farewell Sutter Creek Friends

May 10, 2020

This first leg of dozens as I traverse from SoCal to Capitol Hill is now officially complete. I'm departing Sutter Creek for the next part of my adventure. A deer happened across the road as I departed at sunrise. Look for the big ball of fire in the middle of this recording. Onward!

Celery Soup

May 07, 2020

With just two days left before I am without a kitchen for a while, I'm making celery soup. Yum!

Hello Turkey

May 05, 2020

It's week three of the Zigzag for Zero to Capitol Hill. In a few days, I'll leave this first stop along the way for the next. Grey fox has not returned but turkeys and many deer have roamed by. It will be sad to say goodbye.

Yet, I have my eyes on Capitol Hill and will have many more blessed stops along the way. Here's to the road ahead.

Greeting Grey Fox

May 01, 2020

My first stop of dozens between SoCal and Capitol Hill has introduced me to a grey fox. Did you know that a grey fox can climb trees? Each night I practice in front of a glass door overlooking the meadow where I've seen one of these mysterious beings two times so far. I hope to catch it gliding by again tonight. 

The one I've seen is much darker than this grey fox featured in a photo by Jessica Snoek on Unsplash



She Touched The Water - Richard Lamoureux

Apr 28, 2020

This poem loosens me up for some reason. May it find you in a river of inspiration. The video is of Sutter Creek, which flows through the land currently hosting me (along with dear friends who nourish it.) 

Apologies to the author if I don't pronounce his name correctly. ;-)

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