If you could, would you walk 125 miles in 10 days?

May 25, 2020

People are going to extraordinary lengths to ensure that everyone who delivers, receives and supports medical care can do so safely. I joined Dr. David Mayer, his wife Cathy, and two more safety awareness advocates (Lisa and Barbara) for a walk from the American Family Fields to Peoria stadiums in Pheonix, AZ. Dave and several others are walking 125 miles over ten days, raising donations and awareness to support everyone influencing and influenced by medical care. My pals Marty and Tracy are walking in Chicago and on Peletrons. I could go on!

May every person's mile lead us closer to zero preventable medical harm - which helps absolutely everyone!

Do you walk, bike or run? You can make your miles matter for medical safety here. 

Check out the press about Dave's Epic Walk


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