Over 90 Miles Walked of 108

Jun 23, 2020

This is week ten on my Zigzag for Zero from SoCal to Capitol Hill. I've walked over 90 miles and driven just under 3,000 miles. I'm getting the hang of working while in a constant state of orientation. I'm not quite as adept at taking breaks. And, I'm struggling a bit to keep up with the interview editing; a few will be added this week.

Today, I moderated a great discussion about end-of-life care planning. The panelists were excellent. You may want to watch the recording if you want inspiration to chat with your loved ones or medical practitioner on the topic. 

If you walk, run, or bike, will you dedicate your miles to the #uniteforsafecare campaign? You can do so here. Or, you might just want to sponsor my charity miles walk.  

Finally, if you get to the end of this four-minute vlog post, you'll meet the goose that adopted my mother; pretty wild.



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