Fixing what WE can

Jun 15, 2020

I've zigzagged from Colorado to Oklahoma. Here, from the room my parents dedicated to Yogiraj, it occurs to me that in these dramatic times people are rising up to fix what WE know has effective solutions. By WE, I mean millions of people banding for a globe that seeks every person's sacred right to be safe from oppression.

I've been wowed by the swift progress being made to address systemic racism these last few weeks. And I recognize that it's because people have been brainstorming and testing solutions for decades. Organized dismantling of norms that should never have been formed is difficult work, whether it is taking place for a city, a school, a precinct, a hospital, or otherwise. This is a time of fixing what we know has solutions. 

Today, I added another interview to the Zigzag For Zero YouTube channel. Ken Thai addresses the role pharmacists have in delivering safe medical care. If you have ever filled a prescription, this is relevant to you and your safety. Take a look

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