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Training Topics

Frequently Asked Questions

This training includes:
  • Practical tools for relating
  • Video tutorials from Vonda Vaden Bates
  • Downloadable handouts
  • Online community room
  • Live video conversations convened monthly
Twenty-two lessons are immediately available upon purchase.
The course remains available for three months from the date of purchase.
Most of the materials and all of the worksheets are available to download. Several recordings are also available to download. You will have access to all downloadable files for three months from the time of purchase.
Occasionally, and with permission, we reference a tool that is copyrighted by another organization. These are not available for download.
The majority of materials are copyrighted by 10th Dot or Yogiraj Charles Bates. These are available for download. If you are interested in using any materials offered in this course for your own distribution, it is important to inquire about permissions first. Permissions are often, but not always granted.

Hatch Excellent Relationships

One of 10th Dot's missions is to help anyone learn by relating and relate through learning. Let us know your name and email if you want to hear from us once in awhile.

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