Let's Unite For Safe Care

Jul 02, 2020

COVID-19 is impacting nearly every aspect of how we care for ourselves and others. It is also revealing areas that have needed public attention for some time.

Most medical professionals understand that the delivery of medical care is not as safe as we know it should and can be. However, a recent poll shows that the general public falsely believes that the intention to deliver quality medical care equates to harm-free care. Sadly, families like ours know this is not the case. It is easy to find evidence that when we collectively prioritize the safe delivery of medical care, errors decrease and harm is reduced as a result. Let's unite for safe care, which includes addressing disparities that leave vulnerable populations at higher risk.

This YouTube channel is dedicated to raising awareness.

Take action to join me in prioritizing the safe delivery of medical care.

Your exercise miles in motion can help raise funds to ensure the safe delivery of medical care.


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