10th Dot's Coaching Roadmap 

Appointments are 50 minutes in length, unless otherwise arranged.
Appointments are scheduled at mutually convenient times.
Appointments begin by bringing focus to what is most important for you in the moment. Topics for what you want to cover are identified.
Vonda listens, reflects what is heard, highlights themes of the discussion and connects to patterns as they are evident.
Recommendations for practices and exercises, as well as study of methodologies are provided.
Each appointment ends with a summary of what you want to continue to pay attention to and what assignments you wish to accept.
Often, clients have an overarching aspiration they want to work on. We bring that into focus and continue to track progress over an agreed upon series or timeframe.
Many people use Vonda's coaching situationally as well, drawing on the service as needed to meet their needs.




10th Dot's Coaching Policies
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