Medical Fog

Feb 07, 2020

Do you see a different side of yourself during doctor appointments or when you are advocating as or for a patient? Too many people have described what my dear friend and I have decided to call hospital fog. It shows up as forgetfulness, a feeling of intimidation even if someone is thoughtfully listening, or a sense of anxiety. This medical fog may happen at any medical juncture, not just in a hospital (so perhaps we need to keep working on the name.) What's your experience with medical fog?

I make house calls for Patient Safety

2020 will be spent mobilizing everyone to keep us all safe in health care. Many find it surprising that medical error is as prevalent as it is. Harm and death occur far too often while giving and receiving medical care. We can do something about this. It starts with honest conversations from households to the White House. 

Please invite me to your place of employment, worship or hold a house party for all your loved ones. Together we can make health care safe for everyone providing, supporting and receiving medical attention. 




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