EPIC Chase For My Shadow

Feb 12, 2020

2020 is looking epic for Vonda as she travels from the west coast to the east coast. Three points of focus are driving this trip.

  1. Peer Review I'll be asking colleagues to watch me work publicly over the next several months and provide a transparent public peer review. I aim to get on Zoom with every person who worked with Yogiraj or me and invite them to publicly review the way I use methods from Gestalt Organizational Development, The Tradition of Himalayan Sages, Theatrical studies, as well as several Facilitation and Convening models. This is my next learning step and I'm excited to begin. Take note of my public engagements and writings over the next several months and chime in at any point about the integrity of my utilization of skills and tools for which you have lifetime achievement. More on this in future vlogs.
  2. Model transparency as an individual leader seeking massive systemic change. 
  3. Invite conversations about Patient Safety.

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