A three part online conversation for people who have experienced or witnessed harm while giving, receiving and/or supporting health care. Whether you realize it or not, this may be meant for you or a loved one.

After Caregiving Harm, A Loving Approach


Part ONE

Attending the first conversation in this three-part series is a prerequisite for parts two and three. We'll hear from two people who have directly experienced harm while giving and receiving health care, and reflect together on what we've heard. 

Part TWO

After listening to people who have experienced harm in health care, many people recall their own experiences and want to discuss further. We'll do that in part two. We'll also hear from the speakers about how discussing their experience of harm in health care impacted them. Finally, we'll learn an exercise for sorting through strong emotions and discuss how this can be helpful after a harm experience.


In the third conversation, everyone will have an opportunity to consider what's been experienced thus far. Then, we'll create something reflective of our time together.

About This Forum

ACHALA is dedicated to openly discuss safety in health care, a matter that impacts nearly everyone who is influenced by and influences health care. Around the globe, alarms are sounding about preventable medical harm. To be certain, this is not a new phenomenon and much is being done to address this serious situation. For example, some hospitals are starting to implement programs to conduct transparent conversations immediately following an unanticipated outcome. This prioritization is a critical pathway to respect everyone involved and set a course to identify and interrupt the perpetuation of errors.

However, still too many people feel isolated and don't speak up after experiencing or witnessing healthcare harm. This silence can have the unintended consequence of burying lessons that might put a stop to the circumstances that led to the harm.

Patients and their loved ones are often denied their requests to meet with clinicians after harm occurs. And many clinicians either silence themselves, or are instructed to silently carry on with their jobs after an unintended outcome. ACHALA is a place where every person who influences or is influenced by health care can listen, learn, and open up about "harm in health care." After Caregiving Harm, A Loving Approach... that's ACHALA.

WHO attends?

People who have experienced or witnessed harm while receiving, giving or supporting health care are encouraged to contribute to this conversation. Those who have an interest in learning more about this topic are also invited to participate.

WHAT will happen?

Each hour and a half forum includes:

  • Conversation between two people who have experienced harm in health care: a person who intended to give care and a person who intended to receive care.
  • Time for the speakers and attendees to reflect and remark on what they have experienced while listening.
  • Guidance from a moderator.
  • Exercises to help listen, learn and express.
  • A private community forum for ongoing conversation online.

WHAT to expect.

Registrants are welcome to listen and engage in conversation. Each forum:

  • includes input from special guests
  • is convened by a professional
  • welcomes conversation from all participants

All registrants will be asked to comply with these agreements.

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