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Vonda's creative approach has influenced major market shifts in television, retail, banking, technology, education, and health care. Clients work with Vonda to communicate effectively on behalf of their career, health, family, organization and community.

When you work with Vonda, you are collaborating with an alliance builder. For over 30 years Vonda has guided professionals to move from potential to action, set and reach goals, manage engaged teams, and communicate with influence.

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"I had the joyful opportunity to work with Vonda on a large conference she was producing. While she was constantly managing the endless details and demands of producing such a large event, her integrity and pure intention were always present. I couldn’t admire more her passion, loving purpose and ability to inspire a team to do great things. "

Sue Stoen

"Luther Seminary hired Vonda to help us produce a dozen high-profile fundraising events held at various locations nationwide. She helped us plan the program, write and refine speeches, coach speakers, develop collateral materials, hire vendors and oversee the implementation of the events. From beginning to end, she was a delight to work with. She helped us produce first-rate events that were highly successful in raising money for our institution. She worked well with everyone from CEOs to front-line staff. Vonda changed the way we do all of our events at Luther Seminary. She equipped us to do a better job than we could ever have done on our own."

Kathy Hansen

"Vonda is a gifted coach. She has a rare ability to be truly present and listen with great depth. She guides without making the work about herself. It's as if she's holding up a mirror that helps me see myself in a new way. Her ability to remember things I've said months or years earlier and share them at just the right moment is profoundly useful. She has been and continues to be an essential resource in the transformation of my life. Her intelligence, emotional maturity and sense of humor make her the perfect coach for me. "

Leo Zimmerman

"I had the pleasure of working with Vonda as both an individual executive coach as well as a workshop facilitator as part of the process of building a new, integrated executive leadership team. Vonda is smart - deeply understanding the challenges facing individuals and organizations and the dynamics that go into that. Vonda is effective - building real, tangible progress every single conversation. In a world where you schedule meetings to plan meetings to understand meetings, Vonda is able to cut through - and help others cut through - the rambling agendas and get to the real heart and meat of what needs doing. But most of all, Vonda is remarkably insightful. She finds connections - intellectual, personal and interpersonal - that make a difference in day-to-day business, in individual effectiveness and in true trust and team building that creates the foundation for human and business results. I am a better leader and person for knowing Vonda and working with her was one of the best things I have done for my career trajectory. "

Amanda Peterson

"Vonda Vaden is a focused and strategic leader in group facilitation. She addressed questions and group process with respect and integrity while creating the direction needed to get appropriate results for the work needed to done. She also continued to keep the vision of the project at hand while addressing complex issues."

Ellen Schillace

"I had the privilege of working with Vonda as she produced a large conference here in the Twin Cities. She has an unusual capacity for clear and respectful communication and managing myriad details while maintaining a strong connection to big picture. She is smart, quick, calm, wise, and fun!"

Barbara McAffee

"Vonda is one of the most creative people with whom I've worked. She listens, synthesizes information and develops business solutions that work."

Bill Petrowiak

"I worked with Vonda on the first ever Northland Bioneers conference in Minneapolis (October 2006). Vonda's passion is endless; her enthusiasm and patience are traits of hers that I admired throughout the entire process. Her commitment to the event and the people who were involved was exemplary, and I know that whatever endeavors she chooses to tackle, she'll do so with as much heart and soul as with the Northland Bioneers Conference."

Melissa Wenzel

"I hired Vonda to help me bring ideas and princples that were mere words on paper to life in a creative way. In less than 30 days, Vonda created an Art Gallery that illustrated the ideas and the principles that we wanted to share and motivate our fellow employees with. Vonda was able to move so quickly due to her extensive network in media, art, business, music, etc. In addition, she was extremely mindful of my budget. She is dedicated, detailed, unbelieveably creative and networked, honest and FUN! I would work with her again!! "

Vivian Rank

"Vonda is a big picture thinker, an excellent facilitator and a 'get it done' project manager. If you want to work at the leading edge where business is creating a better world for everyone, you want Vonda on your team."

Joel Hodroff

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