You will shift

  1. BulletYou’ll learn time-tested approaches that can shift your most important relationships at work, at home, and in community.

  2. BulletAccomplish more together with others

  3. BulletHave more fun connecting with people personally and professionally

  4. BulletRemove obstacles that stand in the way of understanding

  5. BulletExperience and create an environment of positive intent

  6. BulletBe true to yourself without hurting others

Creator, Yogiraj Charles Bates used himself as an example of what is taught in this workshop. His legacy, his ideas and models will be strongly felt throughout this workshop. He related to the many stumbling blocks that create relational tension. Through his deep inquiry into the dynamics he explored and mapped, he learned how to deepen personal growth through relationship. His techniques are taught in ‘We Can Relate’.

“The ‘We’ Can Relate seminar is an eye-opening and nurturing event that I encourage anyone to gift to themselves and their collaborators. The ‘We’ tools help remove barriers to being present and listening well. I enjoyed both the presenters and my fellow participants. Through the event, I also grew closer to my life partner.”

Joel Hodroff 

Founder, DualCurrency Systems     


Attendee Comments

You will learn

  1. BulletHow to pay attention to ‘We’, and why it will re-invent you.

  2. BulletThe 10th Dot  How to discover when you’ve outgrown beliefs and behaviors. Find the stumbling blocks that can serve you and others.

  3. BulletHow and why to use truth without hurting yourself or others. And, how it helps people choose you rather than their story about you.

  4. BulletHow to stay clear, current and connected in relationships.

  5. BulletIntegrity How to, without shame, unpack the ways that you tyrannize yourself and others. Experience any situation with integrity.

‘We’ Can Relate is Created for...


Engage across multiple perspectives and gain momentum.

Partners in any endeavor 

Including life, business, friends, family and community.


Don’t wait on someone else to break through obstacles.

Newly engaged or committed couples 

Start or re-fresh with mutual intention and clarity.

Family members 

Have more fun with your differences and similarities.

Relationships in need of renewal 

Give yourselves a new perspective.

Workshop at a Glance

  1. BulletLearn immediately usable relationship skills

  2. BulletAnyone can learn and practice what’s suggested

  3. BulletReal life examples given throughout the day

  4. BulletNo pressure environment - you determine your engagement

Vonda Vaden Bates (Vv) leads the day giving first hand knowledge of the creative relationship tools. Her role as CEO of 10th Dot makes it essential to practice collaboration - the 10th Dot way, with clients, investors, partners, staff, and vendors to bring the 10th Dot vision to life; "You at your best; your endeavors thriving."

Sunday was a beautiful day with the two of you and our foursome. Relating from We is a powerful program with lots to experience and digest. One of the experiences that stands out for me is the visual of the posse, a community of the expanded self, and one way of seeing that we are not alone. The nursery rhymes also created powerful self discovery. That was an excellent exercise. What I am most grateful for is the safe space you created to explore the gifts of the shadow, including your willingness to be vulnerable and open to sharing aspects of your relationship. There was good learning in that. Thank you for a memorable and heart-opening day.

Cathy Buelow, Freedom Horse Coaching


Next ‘We’ Can Relate

You will apply

  1. BulletYou’ll WOW! your family, peers, bosses, and community by:

  2. BulletDecreasing costs (financial and emotional) associated with conflict

  3. BulletIncreasing collaboration capacity

‘We’ Can Relate has Toured

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Bring it to  your city, home, workplace or community.

  1. Due to a full travel schedule, this workshop is scheduled only by request at this time. Organizations and groups of thirty or more may arrange for a presentation of this workshop by contacting 10th Dot.

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