Yogiraj Charles and Vonda co-designed this seminar using themselves as examples of 10th Dot methods. In their 11 years together they directly engaged the variety of obstacles that create relational tension in business, family and community. In this workshop you will learn how to deepen personal growth through relationship and navigate successful collaborations on behalf of your endeavors.

Experience 10th Dot’s Consulting/Coaching methods in this unique workshop


Scheduled upon request.

Join 10th Dot to ignite the genius of groups to see your endeavors succeed. Familiarize yourself with 10th Dot’s top techniques for driving successful collaborations. Learn, observe and practice as Vonda Vaden Bates facilitates a dynamic day aimed at your success.

You know how important collaboration is to the momentum of your endeavors. However, facilitating collaborations is often met with obstacles that stymie progress. In this event, 10th Dot, Vonda Vaden Bates guides the step toward creative, honest and empathetic conversations. You will experience skilled collaboration and if you choose, you contribute too, during the last half hour of 10th Dot's signature Collaboration Jazz.

This workshop is a prerequisite for the advanced workout “Collaboration Jazz”.

To book this for your group contact 10thdot@10thdot.com

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