Pigs Eat Wolves is a tale about growing the wise self through examining and partnering with our shadow side. Carl Jung says that our shadow side is 90% gold. Why then do we fear it? We often do because the shadow is composed of both the Exalted and Despised parts of us. Essentially, most of us paradoxically fear and deny both sides. We furtively thrust our exalted and despised selves into the darkness and then fear and blame the darkness for what we place in it.

Pigs Eat Wolves work is designed for you to come to understand and mine the darkness of your denied and despised self for psychological and spiritual gold. Literally a life-changing event, this enduring study follows Yogiraj Charles' analysis and application of the story, The Three Pigs. It is a view of our shadow that renowned Jungian Psychiatrist Dr. Marie Louise Von Franz endorses by saying, "Pigs Eat Wolves is very accurate". Taking Carl Jung's suggestion to 'mine the shadow for its gold', this retreat will take you along what Robert Frost calls The Road Not Taken. It will show a facet of what Rumi meant in his famous poem:

I have lived on the lip of insanity,

Wanting to know reasons,

Knocking on a door.

It opens.

I've been knocking from the inside!

Pigs eat Wolves; Going into partnership with your dark side® heals the wounds you have been carrying that impact those closest to you, in addition to yourself. In working with this model, you will actually have the opportunity to transcend (get over yourself) and heal. The gifts received in this series will easily transfer to all your important relationships and collaborations at home, work and in your communities.

A quick look into Pigs Eat Wolves®

Order out of Chaos

Mother Pig Speaks Reality Into Existence

The ball player asked the umpire, “Was that a ball or a strike?” The umpire replied, “It ain’t nothin’ ‘til I calls it.”

Mother Pig is the umpire. Nothing becomes real until she says it is. Nothing has meaning until she gives it and only then does it become experience. She brings order (cosmos) out of mystery (chaos.)

The Wolf Is All That Is Left Out

He is the devouring guard. He is what we cannot yet contain, understand, or know. He is to later become The Merlin, The Hag, The Guru. He is the mystery. He is the knowable unknown. He is the unknowable unknown, For most, he is chaos.

The Little Pigs Are Us On Our Quest

Our journey is a quest that is guided by our readiness to see what is before us and eventually to examine what has been rendered invisible. COME OUT AND PLAY!

A Radical Fairy Tale for Adults

“This is an amazing book!”           Robert Bly

“All of us have a shadow side - those unlovely qualities which we shove aside, ignore, or attribute to others. This important book shows why we should honor this aspect tof who we are, and how our shadow can empower us to greater wisdom and fulfillment. We must be aware of our shadow, or we shall beware of it.”

Larry Dossey, M.D.

“Great to see you are launching a shadow program around one of my all-time favorite books on the subject. I continue to refer people to it, whenever the topic arises.” Dr. Paul Scheele