Vonda Vaden Bates

Sr. Consultant and 10th Dot CEO

Vonda heads up 10th Dot using its collaborative methodologies to advance all 10th Dot endeavors. She collaborates with clients, investors, partners, staff, and vendors in ways that exhibit the models and leads endeavors that bring the 10th Dot vision to life; "You at your best; your endeavors thriving."

As a coach she has extensive experience guiding leaders to measurable progress on behalf of their careers and organizations. Clients served represent everyday people to fortune 500 companies, as well as for-benefit, non-profit, education, state government, and community sectors.

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  1. Bullet Innovate

  2. Bullet Team Build

  3. Bullet Train

  4. Bullet Educate

  1. Bullet  Merge

  2. Bullet Plan

  3. Bullet Grow

  4. Bullet Partner

10th Dot® is poised to partner on behalf of your endeavors with a novel approach that is effective immediately and endures for a lifetime.                        

  1. Bullet Problem Solve

  2. Bullet Get Momentum

  3. Bullet Change

  4. Bullet  Integrate

  1. Bullet Resolve Conflict

  2. Bullet Disband

  3. Bullet Campaign

  4. Bullet Sustain

  1. Bullet Create

  2. Bullet Engineer

  3. Bullet Present

  4. Bullet Collaborate