Collaboration attempts making you dizzy? Take this to your next meeting.

Here are a few common ways collaborations get momentum, or don’t (spin and spin!)

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Collaboration Advancers

Give these your best effort and watch for better results.

1. Listen to really understand others.

2. Ask clarifying questions.

3. Be clear with yourself and others about your intentions/agendas.

4. Use the Platinum Approach; treat others as they treat themselves “at their best”.

Collaboration Spinners

Watch your tendencies for these common red flags, then experiment with a more collaborative approach.

1. Do you lean toward needing to be right, deferring to others, or remaining indifferent?

2. Do you focus on ‘other’ rather than self, whether blaming or cheering.

3. Are you exclusively focused on your own, or your team’s agenda; unconcerned with other agendas?

  1. 4.Do you make false agreements in an effort to move things along?

  2. 5.What are you missing when you fill in for others, believing you already know what they are going to say?

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