10th Dot’s Coaching Training Program

As an existing or aspiring coach, manager, mentor, or guide, your wisdom and commitment already benefit others. Our vision is that the grace of your inner wisdom meets this assembly of tools to further align your service on behalf of those you influence. Training information.


Pigs Eat Wolves; Going into partnership with your dark side

Pigs Eat Wolves is 10th Dot's highly acclaimed approach to shadow-work, based on Yogiraj Charles Bates’s award winning book. Befriending and partnering with your Shadow is a predictable pathway toward self mastery.

“This is an amazing little book!” Robert Bly

“Charles Bates lights a fire under an old tale. He shows that the sweet pigs, their well-meaning mother, and the cunning wolf contain a complex, psychologically true account of a process we need to understand. Here is a quick, graspable, and illuminating tool for handling the presence of the darkness we fear.” Nor Hall, Ph.D

Reflexive Integration with the chakra

This is Yogiraj's signature approach to heighten awareness of the physical and subtle energies in your body. Reflexive integration concentrates on each, of several, chakra in a specific sequence, allowing you to notice contractions and expand into potential more freely. Reflexive Integration gives you facility with your instincts and intuition.


Yama (Commitments) and Niyama (Observances)

Eight limbs of yoga are described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The first limb, the Yama, describes five commitments guiding how we relate to our external world. The Niyama, second limb, provides wisdom for understanding the impact of the Yama upon our internal experience. In this training, practice assignments with the yama and niyama raise awareness of your internal and external experiences and improve your engagement when guiding others.


Klesha (Sources of Pain)

The Klesha offers an explanation for sources of our emotional pain and a pathway toward releasing the pain.


The Platinum Approach

You likely know the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Platinum Approach is a great companion for it: Do unto others as they would do for themselves at their best. Being of service means meeting others where they are at and keeping our own agendas (and shadows) out of the equation.


360° of Integrity

Leaders who embody integrity have a strategic advantage. This tool teaches a comprehensive method to influence through empowerment. You’ll gain flexibility to influence others, be influenced by them and collaborate with equal influence depending on what each unique situation calls for.


Cycle of Experience

Foundational to Gestalt psychology, the Cycle of Experience is a map of how individuals and groups experience engagement and change. Movement from awareness - to action - to change can follow predictable patterns. When we become familiar with a pattern's undercurrent, we can more effectively  navigate relationships.


Cycle Time as a Performance Measurement Tool

It can be easy to miss progress when assessment is limited to quality and quantity. Monitoring cycle time helps you recognize change over time. Look for how often a behavior you want to shift occurs, how quickly you recognize it happening, how engaged you become with it, how challenging it is to navigate it and how quickly you shift. Both increasing and decreasing these areas may be desired, depending on the behavior. For example you may want to decrease the occurrence of behaviors that doesn’t serve you, or you may want to increase the occurrence of behaviors that do serve you. Cycle Time is an additional (and sometimes preferable) way to measure compared to outcome because it reveals progress over perfection.



SPIRE is a quick grounding exercise that raises awareness with the Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Relational and Emotional aspects of oneself. We use it during check-ins to help identify where each person "is at" in the present moment.


Tools offered in this curriculum