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  2. Get clear about an issue, get momentum on a plan, or check out 10th Dot by scheduling a complimentary  20-minute appointment.

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  2. 10th Dot delivers events, coaching and consulting to help individuals and organizations gain momentum and effectiveness with their collaborative endeavors.

Exercises for mindful performance

10th Dot provides practices to calm and inspire. Try this transition exercise to redirect your attention.  Listen to more exercises.

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  2. 10th Dot uses practical tools to advance successful collaborations. Try these tips and watch your relationships change.

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  2. 10th Dot offers several ways to learn and practice, including this workshop: Pigs Eat Wolves; Going into partnership with your dark side. Buy the Book.

Add a refreshing perspective to your next event.     10th Dot offers tools and inspiration on many topics. This keynote on Healthcare Safety is one example.  

Keynotes for inspiration


Fresh approaches to consider

Healing from unintentional harm. This winter 10th Dot is launching an online program to support anyone who has experienced harm in healthcare. Care to join us?

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